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Knowing where to start after you have decided you want to build can often be overwhelming; so Arkansas Construction & Excavation has put together a few resources to help you along your journey.

The first step is deciding; where is Your, “perfect place to build”. Here is some information to help you along. Simply hover over the image below then click on it to launch City Data; Once you are finished viewing City Data, simply click the X in the upper right hand corner to close the box and return to this page. Make sure to take a look at factors to consider below before viewing City Data.

Factors to consider:

  • School Zone
  • Commute to work or town
  • Lot size – typically outside the city limits lots are more likely to be larger
  • Size and Style of house – many neighborhood have restrictions on minimum size, exterior finishes, and number of stories
  • Types of loans available for the location. (i.e. Rual development loans have to be out of the city)

Next you need to decide “How much house can I afford?”. Here are some resources to help you Cipher through interest rates, monthly payments, and down payments.

Once you have decided how much you have to spend You will need to secure financing and here are some great companies to explore options. The more options you have the more informed you can be. After viewing the links below simply click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the box and return to this page.

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Now that we have picked out property and secured financing it is time to start designing. There are many companies for you to pick out house plans but we have a few things you can do right here to help begin picking out finishes.

Use the Virtual designer below; by hovering over the image then clicking on it, to explore different finishes in your new home. Then simply Click on the X in the upper right hand corner to close the box and return to this page.

Our Company has several house plans on file for you to pick from. We can also gather information about your house and send it to the architect we work with to have him draw/modify the house you want. (i.e. split floor plan, one or two stories, front and back porch size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, ceiling height, kitchen layout) to name a few.

Arkansas Construction and Excavation hopes you found these resources helpful and we would love to speak with you one on one about your future plans. We have many options that can not be summed up on one page and we want to discuss them with you. Visit our Contact page for various ways we can be contacted or just call the number at the top of the screen. Contact Us

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